Monday, 17 July 2017

ch.arting: The Arts Society Fylde, Young Arts, Summer Workshops 2017

  Young Arts, Summer Workshops 2017

Are you 8 – 14 years old? 
Do you live in Fylde? 
Do you like making things? 
Are you about on the 1st and 2nd Aug?  
This could be for you. 

Help make an artist’s map of the River Ribble & Lytham including some of Fylde’s most iconic buildings.
3 hands on workshops, (free but £3 charge for materials) & 1 viewing session to maybe add a little extra to the work & to chat to the artist, Christine Stringfellow.


For more info or to book a place  contact:
Christina 01253 739368 or email

“ch.arting” is part of The Arts Society Fylde  Young Arts activity programme.
(formerly Fylde Decorative and Fine Arts Society) 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

change of venue, 20 July 2017

Next week, 20 July we'll be in St Annes Library 11 - 12.30.
Our last meeting before the summer.

All welcome - no experience needed!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

gardens, ink & Ashton Gardens

Art Circle is drawing to a close for the summer.

We meet next week for the last time before we take a break.  We return in St Annes Library, 11 - 12.30 on Thursday, 7 September.

Today was a gardening day - sort of!
In the morning we worked at St Annes Library from images using ink on green paper and in the afternoon, ink on white paper in Ashton Gardens.  This seems to make the images look strange - not sure why - however the work was brill.

Well done everyone!




mine (unfinished as usual) plus demonstration snippets




mine with more demonstration snippets
Also, the rose garden in Ashton Gardens is looking (and smelling) particularly beautiful at the moment.  It's worth making a special trip to visit.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

summer workshops for yp 8 - 14 yrs

The Arts Society Fylde (was DFAS) invites young people, 8 – 14 yr to take part in a series of workshops to create an artist’s map of Lytham.

more info below 
to book contact or ring Christina 01253 739368

EVENT:             3 SUMMER ART WORKSHOPS AUGUST 2017 for 8 -1 4 year olds      cost: £3.00 per session
                        [Plus Free viewing on Friday afternoon of work made & talk to the artist]

Cost of hands on workshops is £3 each session.  Friday’s exhibition of all the work is free [artists, families & friends are welcome to come and view the work and make small artistic contributions if they wish]

1st August 2017    10am-12noon       Natural Environment [hands on workshop]
                            1.30pm-3.30pm    Natural & Built Environment [hands on workshop]
2nd August 2017   10am-12noon       Built Environment & Text [hands on workshop]
                                  1.30pm-3.30pm    Exhibition of work & chat to the artist

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Monet, Giverny and painted gardens

well, "painted" using tissue paper.

Lovely to be back after my holidays: guess where I went and lovely work below.

Next week we continue with gardens at St Annes Library in the morning (11 - 12.30) and Ashton Gardens St Annes in the afternoon (1.30 - 3 ish - meet at the Pavilion Cafe ).

All welcome.



Judith 2

Mabel (unfinished)



Monday, 12 June 2017

EAT (edible art together): Kirkham 2017

A lovely project delivered with Boz Phillips & Mr Dee from Last Legs Community Arts.  

Young people explored healthy eating & healthy choices through a series workshops where they tasted as they went along and sampled the food made.  They then planned, prepared and delivered a celebratory lunch for family and volunteers to round of the week. 

Brilliant - everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves too! 

Many thanks to Lancashire County Council - Neighbourhood Wellbeing Initiatives, Fylde Youth Zone, volunteers & caricaturist Chris Knapman.  

images by Boz, Mr Dee & me


Friday, 9 June 2017

a dozen drawings before we met the Queen

Following on from my outing to the Harris Art Gallery & Museum on Saturday to take part in Making a Mark, I decided to do an Art Circle version of the tasks set.

Using graphite sticks, white paper and info from the Glasgow School of Art, we made 11, 2 - 3 minute drawings and then a still life of the same subject.

The subject, a black bin from an old shredder and a balloon offered a mock-up of what we were going to tackle in the afternoon:  a bust of the Queen sited in the foyer of Fylde Council Offices.  Unfortunately the HRH looked as if she was in the dock.

I'm jumping ahead.

The tasks:
(explanations of * ** etc are at the end)
Working from the still life make...

  1. a *line drawing
  2. a **tonal drawing
  3. a line drawing using your opposite hand
  4. a tonal drawing using your opposite hand
  5. a ***continuous line drawing using your strong hand
  6. a continuous line drawing using your opposite
  7. a blind drawing using your strong hand
  8. a ****blind drawing using your opposite hand
  9. a drawing using both hands, keeping both hands moving all the time
  10. cover page with graphite & draw into it using an eraser
  11. draw the *****negative space around the subject
  12. draw the subject as a still life
The fab results are below and the drawings made in the afternoon follow.

We'll done everyone & thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!

I have quotes...

"It's a lot easier if you don't listen."  This is to instructions - welcome back Monica!

"I've been made to endure several drawings."  You did, and brilliantly Stuart!

brilliant way to approach the blind drawing!









HRH in the dock foyer of the Fylde Council offices





a *line drawing
no shading, just outlines

a **tonal drawing
addition of shading, depicting lights & darks

a ***continuous line drawing
one line keeping the pencil on the page all the time

a ****blind drawing
looking only at the subject not your drawing

draw the *****negative space around the subject
looking at the shapes made around the subject - the area of the subject will be left blank