Thursday, 8 February 2018

symbols, signs & treasure

"X" marks the spot, is an abstract number, is a kiss...

Heading for Valentine's Day we looked at symbols and signs.  The symbols we associate with love & kindness and the signs of affection.

The task...

  1. draw a treasure map using symbols to show the way - finished?
  2. now scrunch the drawing, This alters the quality of the paper.
  3. add coloured pencil to age it
  4. tear & cut pieces out
  5. repeat as necessary
  6. and... done!

Marvellous maps below - well done everyone!

Next week we're having a break.  Back on 22 February.





Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Art Circle at Ansdell & Freckleton Libraries

starting 28 February at Ansdell & Freckleton Libraries, Fylde.

Always fancied trying drawing?  working with colour?  thinking about why artists work the way they do? 
join us in Art Circle to find out more.

Hands on weekly, art experiences in friendly, directed sessions.  
No experience needed.  
You'll find you're much better than you think you are!

Please follow the link below for more info & have a look around this blog to see the sorts of things we do.

What is Art Circle?

Thursday, 1 February 2018

maquettes, memories & musings

We started by thinking about site specific, public art.  We then made maquettes from a variety of available material.  In discussion, we considered; scale, if anything could be tweaked, where they would be located and viewers' responses to them.

Gosh, this opened a can of worms!  I think we all had a vent about something but as Monica reminded us, public art does sometimes provoke response and lively debate.

Lovely, colourful work below.  Well done everyone!  

Dorothy:  the poppy as an analogy of war - very large scale

Mabel:  the sea with blood to be sited on the continent nr the scene of a battle

Mabel:  in celebration of the Gurkhas 
Mike:  mining in Nottinghamshire  

Monica:  in memory of a Manx internment camp, to be sited at the top of a hill over looking Peel, IOM 

Monica:  Blackpool

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Jackson Pollock, continuous lines & spots of colour

We started the session by looking at the work and processes of Jackson Pollock.

The Task
Using a pen or pencil, draw three walls of the room in a continuous line.
Repeat twice more.
Select three colours.
Using one colour, fill 7 shapes in the drawing.
as above with the second and then the third colour
Consider carefully where to place the colour.  You have control over how viewers will see the work. 

Those who finished quickly were then asked to repeat the process but with a different subject.
Most excellent everyone!

Mabel 1

Mabel 2

Mike 1

Mike 2

Mike, "Mabel, Monica & Dorothy"

Monica 1

Monica 2

Monica 3

Stuart 1

Stuart 2

Stuart 3

Dorothy 1

Dorothy 2

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

drawing, ducks & Human Foot Print

Another Saturday drawing with friends & colleagues.  This time I decided to take duck & try out a couple of drawings for the boat.

"Duck 6909" starred in "Human Foot Print" April 2007, a Chanel 4 science & art film which illustrated the things an average person did or consumed in a lifetime.  The ducks represented showers & baths.

I was very fortunate to be part of the production's art team.  We prepared & set up the installations before filming then removed them afterwards.  Hard work but great fun.

After a trawl around the internet I came across Billy Woods website which has a few stills from the film.  These follow below. 

Duck as Anglesey 

Stills from the film by Billy Woods.

Thousands of showers & baths

The chocolate we eat - my finger prints are all over this!

Cups of tea in Trafalgar Square

our holiday - sandcastles made on Studland Beach & the books we read

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Plasticine, mugs & beyond...

The Task...
select a colour of Plasticine and make a drinking vessel 
make a colour wheel by mixing the Plasticine
make another item or draw what you have made

Brilliant results!  We used children's Plasticine and spoons as out modelling tools.  Some moulded, some sculpted, some coiled & some made slabs to construct the cups & mugs.

Colour mixing brought out mixed results but like mixing watercolour or coloured pencils add the darker colour to the lighter one.

Well done everyone!